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Banya is an independent fostering provider Our fully supported foster carers look after children and young people placed by local authorities.

Banya supports foster carer households in Greater London and beyond. Hundreds of children and young people have benefited from placements with our foster carers since Banya was founded in 1997.

We provide a high standard of foster care for a range of children and young people. Banya has developed specialisms in placing sibling groups, unaccompanied children and young people from overseas, children with special needs, and troubled teenagers.

Putting children first

Fundamentally, we aim to provide whatever is in the best interests of the particular child or young person. We offer each child and young person a sense of belonging in stable family placements so that they can achieve their full potential. 

This means we offer Local Authorities:

  • a wide mix of carefully selected and trained foster carers, enabling appropriately matched placements to be offered to children and young people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds;
  • pro-active co-operation with placing authorities, in the interests of the children and young people;
  • quality assurance, together with best value for the placing authority, as reflected in each child’s developing satisfaction, self-esteem and sense of security;

For foster carers we provide:

  • round-the-clock support with ongoing supervision and training, including NVQs;
  • fostering network membership.
  • annual summer trip away with the foster child and family.
  • seasonal party or hamper 

And for children:

  • We encourage every individual child to express their identity and develop their potential fully, irrespective of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability or culture.
  • Half term events 

Workshops, further education, cv training