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Fostering is way of offering children and young a home while their own family unable to look after them. Adoption is way of providing a new family for children who can’t be looked after by the own parents. It is a legal procedure in which all the parental responsibility is transferred to the adopters 

Here at Banya the support that we offer is an extensive training programme to help you deal with the complex issues of being a foster carer. You would have social worker who would hold monthly meetings with a supervise your work. We also have duty social workers who are on call 24/7.

You do need to have a spare room to foster, however, baby placements can be in the same room as you provide you have a cot. However, at Banya our practice is to recruit foster carers for all ages, so it is unlikely you would be approved to just foster babies.

You don’t need to be British citizen to become a foster carer. However, you must be a full-time resident in the UK.